Welcome to SystemCrafters Collective

A Community of Learning and Practice

Welcome to SystemCrafters Collective

Systems thinking is a practice. SystemCrafters Collective is a community of practice for technologists who design and develop information systems. Regardless of your experience level, you are welcome here. 

Why join?

We live in a world where software increasingly interrelates with other pieces of software. People are increasingly interconnected with other people. Information is no longer confined to one database structure, it asynchronously moves and transforms from one context to another. 

Relationship design skills are essential for software professionals who envision and build these systems of software. As a member of the SystemCrafters Collective, you'll explore sociotechnical strategies that help you respect, rather than ineffectively reduce, relational complexity. 

As SystemCrafters, we develop skills and practices that embrace uncertainty and ambiguity. We transform software systems, when transformation is necessary. We also deliver impactful change reliably and predictably. This is a difficult balance to achieve! We need each other's knowledge and experience to be successful.

We understand the value of conceptual work in a concrete world. We encourage members to develop systems thinking and design skills. 

We facilitate learning

In a world that prefers lineaer approaches, procedural, repeatable, dualistic and top-down, SystemCrafters Collective helps you develop nonlinear skills and practices through:

  • On-demand workshops that introduce key concepts and teach core skills, taught by experienced community members.
  • Cohort workshops in which members share and co-develop expertise and personal mastery.
  • Modeling experiences where we experiment with approaches to thinking well together about systems.
  • Practice groups to support your daily habits.
  • Ongoing discussions about important topics (and unimportant but enjoyable topics).- 
  • News about upcoming events with members-only discounts.
  • A resource library and weekly newsletter.
  • Live events like architectural katas and open space experiences so you can dive in and enjoy thinking with others.

We enable each other

In this community, if you have knowledge, share it. If you need knowledge, seek it. Develop your system of support that enables you to:

  • Do hard things and help others do hard things.
  • Solve wicked problems by understanding the patterns, structures and mental models (root causes) that generate them.
  • Design information systems that make a positive difference.
  • Communicate your ideas and make a positive impact.
  • Understand the ever-changing world of technology systems
  • Provide systems leadership.

We encourage diversity

A healthy system is a diverse system. We want to think outside the stereotype-reinforcing software development box. SCC respects and encourages diversity, both in the community and in the thinking we share. 

Our goal is to create a community where underrepresented people and approaches thrive. Our code of conduct is straightforward: Consistently demonstrate strong, respectful and welcoming interpersonal skills. If you need support for developing those skills (we all do!), we provide a free introduction and ongoing support.

Join today!

In 2024, membership is free! Be part of the core community that shapes and builds the SystemCrafters Collective

Members who offer courses will charge a fee for those courses (we want to support each other economically as well). There will always, also, be free or low-cost experiences to join. 

Free membership in 2024 is sponsored by Mentrix. If you'd like to help support this collective, you can! Information is available inside.